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Services Overview

Thank you for considering me for your business's legal needs. On this page, you'll find an overview of the most common legal services I provide for businesses like yours, along with the average associated costs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!

Margaret A. Moon, esq.

Attorney & Start-Up Legal Consultant

Table of Contents

Business Set-Up & Company Formations

I can assist you in setting up any type of entity (Corporations, LLCs, S-Corps, Partnerships, etc.) in any US state. I can also make sure your existing company was properly set-up and is currently in good legal standing.

Why do this? Having a registered company gives your business credibility and provides the owners (i.e. you) with liability protection (meaning, for example, that if someone sues the business, they can’t take your family’s house).

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Initial Set-Up Process

Help with the entire initial set-up process to ensure your company is properly formed

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Company Name Availability Search

Ensure your company name is available &  it complies with all legal name requirements before you try to register your company


Obtain a Registered Agent and Office

Register your company for a proper Registered Agent and Office.

**Required if you don't live in your state of incorporation or wish to remain anonymous

**Does not include filing fees (usually between $50-$200 per year)


Articles of Incorporation

Prepare and file Articles of Incorporation to officially form and register your company. **Does NOT include filing fees (varies between $70-$300 depending on the state)


Required Set-Up Documents


  • Last Action by the Incorporator: Required to appoint you as the sole owner of the company

  • Organizational Resolutions: These are in lieu of a first meeting (which is required by law) and elect officers, issue stock in the company and set the fiscal year

Project Total: $249.99

Annual Requirements

Make sure your company is meeting all of its annual corporate requirements so it stays in good legal standing

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Annual Requirements Compliance Check

I will review your company documents and will provide you with a list of everything you need to do each year to keep your company in good legal standing. Includes:

  • Annual financial reporting requirements & other annual filings

  • Corporate governance requirements

  • Required internal corporate & share documents

  • Proper internal management structure compliant with US employment law

  • Due dates and instructions on how to complete each item


Required Annual Documents

Customized set of documents for complying with all annual requirements for your business each year. Includes:

  • Forms for filing annual reports

  • Forms for paying annual fees (other than taxes)

  • Template resolutions and minutes in lieu of annual and other required meetings

Project Total: $749.99

Business Audit
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Review your existing company to make sure it was set up correctly, is still in good legal standing and that its' structure fits the current state of your business

Legal Audit

A lawsuit or other legal issue can destroy a business. I will perform a full legal audit of your business to check for any potential issues. Includes:

  • Entity choice and structure of your business

  • Acts of directors & officers and documentation (or lack thereof) relating to those decisions

  • How you protect your intellectual property

  • Secession planning for owners and key employees

  • Do you have the right insurance coverage?

  • Hiring and firing practices & Employment Agreements

  • Compliance with securities laws when soliciting investments from investors

  • Compliance with applicable trade and industry regulations

  • Review of sales and marketing practices

Project Total: $799.99

Business Expansion Considerations
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Other items to think about as you start to do business and grow your company to make sure the legal structure of your company continues to fit your business

Local Business License

If you have a physical business location and/or work with clients in person, many states require your company to have a Local Business License (usually does NOT apply to online only businesses)

Total: $99

Bylaws or Operating Agreement

Covers how officers are elected, their duties, how meetings are conducted, and how major decisions within

the company should be made. These are not required by law in most states, but are strongly recommended (especially once your company has multiple members)

Total: $399.99

Subchapter S Election

A tax election that allows LLCs to retain pass-through taxation, while reducing employment related taxes

  • Owner can be classified as an employee (instead of self-employed) and can pay themselves a salary

  • Other profits can be withdrawn as a distribution (which has no employment related taxes)

  • **Note that for an LLC an S Corp election requires more annual paperwork and changes how you pay taxes, so usually isn't recommended until your business acquires assets and/or is earning steady revenue


For a regular Corporation (or C Corp) this election usually means:

  • Simplified taxes - the company will have pass-trough taxation like an LLC, thereby avoiding the double taxation problem many small businesses face

  • Enables owners to claim certain business losses on their personal tax returns

Total: $769.99

Subsidiary Company

Consider setting up a subsidiary company for the purpose of soliciting investments, offering employees'

stock, entering into partnerships or new business ventures (Note: this can be done in a different state or even a different country). Enables you to insulate the main parent company from any issues with the new business or to sell off just one part to the right buyer. Includes:

  • Reviewing your existing company & fixing any problems

  • Completing the set-up process for the new subsidiary company

  • Making sure the parent-subsidiary structure is in place

Total: $1,649.99

Doing Business & Working With Clients

Get help with legal issues related to getting and working with clients, as well as other legal tasks that are generally needed in order to run a business on a day-to-day basis

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Getting Paid by Clients
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Accept payments from your clients

Open a Business Bank Account

I will open a business checking account for your business

Total: $99.99

Business Merchant Processing Account

I will set up a PayPal or other merchant processing account of your choice for your business

Total: $99.99

EIN Application

A Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is required to pay income & other taxes and hire employees.

I will complete this application on your company's behalf.

Total: $99.99

Project Total: $299.97

Your Website
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Legal necessities for operating your business's website

Domain Name Registration

I will register your desired domain name for your business to make sure you own the URL,, for when you're ready to build your business's website

Total: $19.99

Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Custom documents for your website based on US legal requirements, as well as any industry-specific

requirements that apply to your business

Total: $299.99

Website Legal Audit

Complete review of your website to ensure it complies with legal requirements and isn't infringing on anyone

else's intellectual property. Includes:

  • Make sure you have up-to-date Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

  • Review how you collect & use personal information and cookies

  • Proper legal disclaimers, if needed

  • Potential copyright infringement issues

  • Compliance with advertising and marketing regulations that apply to your business

  • **Implementing changes requires a custom proposal and quote once the audit is complete

Total: $449.99

Project Total: $769.99

Business Contracts
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I can write any kind of contract your business needs. Below are some of the most common contracts used for operating a business, especially a tech start-up

Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement

Contract where the parties agree to keep information that's really important to their businesses a secret

Total: $79.99

Non-Compete Agreement

Contract to prevent your employees & contractors from going to work for one of your competitors (Note that

these are highly disfavored by US courts and so need to be written very, very carefully)

Total: $79.99

Non-Solicitation or Non-Circumvention Agreement

Contract to prevent your employees & contractors from stealing your clients

Total: $79.99

Master Services Agreement

Contract to enable clients to hire your business, while protecting your rights. Usually sets out the type, scope

and price of your services

Total: $249.99

Independent Contractor Agreement

Enforceable contract for hiring any kind of contractor your business needs

Total: $249.99

Independent Contractor Agreement for Tech Businesses

Contract for hiring an IT contractor for your business. Contains specific language to establish your ownership of any work product produced by the contractor (usually needed for a developer who will be writing your source code)

Total: $399.99

Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Custom documents for your website based on US legal requirements, as well as any industry-specific requirements that apply to your business

Total: $299.99

Bylaws or Operating Agreement

Covers how officers are elected, their duties, how meetings are conducted, and how major decisions within

the company should be made. These are not required by law in most states, but are strongly recommended

(especially once your company has multiple members)

Total: $399.99

SaaS, IaaS or PaaS Agreement

Contract to license your Software, Infrastructure or Platform as a service to your users on a subscription basis

Total: $499.99

Software License Agreement

Contract between the licensor (i.e. you) and purchaser of software that establishes how the purchaser can

use the software, usually needed where the purchaser downloads & installs the software on their own device

Total: $499.99

Business Plan
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A formal statement of your business's goals and a realistic plan for achieving them

Business Plan

A written document that sets out your business's goals and how you are going to achieve them. Often needed when soliciting investors or trying to secure financing, but is also very useful for keeping your business focused on one central vision as it grows. Includes:

  • Executive Summary or Business Overview, including a description of your business and its products or services

  • Market Analysis - relevant market research (including competitors) & definition of your target market

  • Description of your organization & management structure

  • Overview of your design & development process and plan for bringing your product/ service to market

  • Marketing & sales strategy overview

  • Financial information and projections

Project Total: $2,999.99

Hiring Contractors & Employees

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Most soloprenures will need help at some point. Usually, small businesses will start by hiring independent contractors on a project-by-project basis as they need them in order to avoid the burden of having to meet the legal requirements of hiring a regular employee (like having to provide health insurance and other employee benefits). I can help you do this properly.


There may also come a time when your business actually needs a regular full-time employee. I can also help you navigate this process, as well as helping you update your hiring policies once your business needs multiple employees.


Why do this? Having a plan in place for hiring, working with and firing contractors and employees helps make sure...

  • You don't get hit with unforeseen business expenses that you can't afford

  • You don't get into trouble with the government

  • You can prove that you own ALL legal rights to the work produced by your contractors or employees

  • You can protect your business (and all your hard work) from legal claims in case an employee or contractor does something wrong

Working with Independent Contractors
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How to hire an independent contractor and keep them from being classified as an "employee"

Independent Contractor Agreement

Contract for hiring any kind of contractor your business needs on a as-needed basis

Total: $249.99

Independent Contractor Agreement for Tech Businesses

Contract for hiring an IT contractor for your business. Contains specific language to establish your

ownership of any work product produced by the contractor (usually needed for a developer who will be

writing your source code)

Total: $399.99

Form W-9

Tax form for you to collect the contractor's tax info. Does not get filed, you are just supposed to have this

in your records in case of any questions from the IRS

Total: $99.99

Form 1099 MSIC

If you pay a contractor $600 or more in 1 year, this form needs to be completed and given to both the

contractor and the IRS. It's basically a receipt of what you've paid to the contractor.

Total: $99.99

Overall Plan for Hiring Contractors


  • Know how US federal and your state's laws define independent contractors vs. employees

  • Steps you need to take to avoid having your contractors classified as "employees"

  • Make sure your hiring process meets state and federal requirements for hiring contractors

  • How to use your Independent Contractor Agreement, Form W-9 and Form 1099 MISC

Total: $599.99

Project Total: $1,449.95

Working with Employees

Learn how to properly hire employees in accordance with federal and state regulations

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Hiring your First Employee


  • Know the legal definition of an "employee"

  • Requirements for hiring your first employee

  • How to meet the requirements that apply to your business

  • Things you will need to do in the future as your business grows

Total: $199.99

Employment Agreement

Contract to hire a regular, salaried employee. Usually the employee will also be receiving benefits such

as health insurance, paid time off, worker's comp insurance, etc.

Total: $349.99

Overall Plan for Hiring Employees


  • Requirements for companies with less than 50 employees vs. companies with more than 50

  • employees

  • Make sure your current hiring process meets state and federal requirements for employees, includes writing and updating employment contracts & employee handbooks and help implementing proper employment policies

Total: $649.99

Create an Employee Stock Option Plan

I will help you design a plan for giving stock (or ownership) in your company to key employees or

contractors and then will implement that plan

  • Determine what will be offered to employees and what are the terms of the offering

  • Comply with disclosure requirements to employees

  • Prepare Offering Memo & Stock Option Agreement

Total: $1,449.99

Project Total: $2,649.96

Protecting your Intellectual Property

For many start-ups your most valuable asset is your intellectual property (i.e. your software, app, company

brand and anything else that makes up your "secret sauce"). Therefore, it's crucial that you learn how the law applies to your business, what you need to do to establish exclusive & enforceable legal rights in your IP and how to prevent its unauthorized disclosure or use.

Why do this? An Intellectual Property (IP) Plan helps make sure ...

  • You're not accidentally using someone else's IP so you don't get hit with an infringement lawsuit

  • You can prove that you own ALL legal rights to your IP in case someone else starts using (i.e. infringing

  • on) your IP

  • You can protect your business (and all your hard work) from legal claims in case something goes wrong

Anchor 14

IP Basics

Things you should do now to protect your business's brand

Anchor 15

Domain Name Registration

I will register your desired domain name for your business to make sure you own the URL,, for when you're ready to build your business's website

Total: $19.99

DBA Application

An application for your company to do business under a different name. Usually used when an existing

company wants to start a new business venture under a different brand. Also referred to as "doing

business as", trade name, fictitious name or assumed name. If you use (or plan on using) a second name

in your business, it should be registered as a DBA. This ensures that no one else can do business under

that name.

Total: $99.99

Trademark Application

Register your product or service name, other trade name, logo or slogan nationally with the US Patent and

Trademark Office for national protection. Ensures no one else in the entire US can use your mark in

business. *Note fee is per application and does not include filing fees (which is $225 per application)

Total: $299.99

Attorney of Record for your Trademark

If you would like, I will act as the attorney of record for your trademark application and will handle all

communications with the USPTO on your behalf until your application is approved

Total: $499.99

Project Total: $919.96

Long-Term Planning

Things that should be done as your business grows to make sure all of your business's intellectual property is protected

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License & Distribution Agreements

A license gives the other party the right to use your IP in their own business, where as a distribution

agreement gives the other party the right to sell (or re-license) your IP to others on your behalf. Both are

often used to generate recurring, passive income from your IP.

Total: $449.99

Intellectual Property Audit

Review all your IP to see:

  • What you own

  • Which items are registerable and when registrations need to be renewed

  • Possibility for foreign or international registrations

  • Are there competitors that are either infringing on your IP or that have already registered

  • Recommendations for protecting your IP

Total $499.99

IP Infringement Search

Ensure your business isn't infringing on someone else's intellectual property

  • Do you have publishing rights for all your content?

  • Does your business rely on a 3rd party's IP? Do you have a license to use it?

  • Is there a competitor whose IP is really, really similar to yours?

Total $499.99

International Trademark Application

Under the Madrid Protocol, once your trademark has been successfully registered in the US, it may be

registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization for international protection

Total: $999.99

Trade Secret Protection Plan


  • Understand what is a "trade secret" and what trade secrets your business owns

  • Have proper Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Know what physical and cyber security measures need to be established, such as:

    • Limit access to both physical documents and electronic info or accounts to people who have a need-to-know only

    • Label information as "confidential"

    • Have proper employee termination policies in place to ensure they don't walk away with your Trade Secrets

    • Have someone at your company who is responsible for managing and protecting your Trade Secrets

Total: $1,499.99

Staff IP Education Plan

  • Make sure your employees know what a "trade secret" is and why they're important to your business

  • Steps or tasks employees are expected to take to maintain the confidentiality of your trade secrets

  • Plan for properly communicating your needs and expectations to your employees

Total: $1,849.99

Create Your IP Portfolio

I will put together a complete portfolio of all of your business's intellectual property. Includes:

  • Help registering your registrable IP (Domain Names, Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights) both in the US and internationally

  • Identify your Trade Secrets and other non-registrable confidential information and establish a plan for maintaining their secrecy

  • Identify or consider Licensing, Distribution or Franchise Agreements or selling use or publishing rights to others

  • Create Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation and Non-Compete Agreements for key contractors, employees and business partners

  • Help protecting your client, supplier or vendor lists and other vital information lists & databases

Total: $3,644.99

Project Total: $9,444.93

Getting Investors or

Bringing in a New Business Partner

There may come a time when your business needs additional capital or to bring in someone with key skills, knowledge or contacts in order to keep growing. I can help you do this properly.

Why do this?

  • Make sure your business has everything an investor or new partner will want to see so they don't get cold feet and walk away from the deal

  • Ensure you have an exit strategy in case the investor or partner doesn't hold up their end of the deal

Anchor 17


Learn the legal requirements for soliciting investors and make sure your business has everything it needs to actually secure the investment

Anchor 18

Investment Preparation

Know the legal requirements for soliciting investments from investors and ensure these requirements are

met, as well as make sure you have everything else that investors typically want to see. Includes:

  • Copies of company registration documents and other proof your company is in good legal standing

  • Copies of client contracts, financial records and other documents showing revenue projections and the financial health of your business

  • Shareholder records, including a CAP Table and Share Certificates

  • Proof that your company owns its intellectual property (your domain names, trade names, slogans, logos and source code)

Total: $999.99

Prepare Investment Documents

Includes preparation of:

  • Pitch Deck - a brief Power Point presentation of your business used for the initial in-person or online meetings with investors

  • Letter of Investment Intent - is an "agreement to agree" between your company and the investor. It's basically the investors way of saying "yes, I am very interested in investing in your business so send me the other investment documents"

  • Offering Memo - a legal document that gives an overview the terms of the investment (is often like the cover page to the PPM)

  • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) - a legal document given to private investors that gives a detailed explanation of the terms of the investment, the risks and your business's operations, plans, staff & management and financials

  • Subscription Agreement - a contract where the investor actually buys stock in your company in exchange for their investment

  • Internal board resolutions approving the investment & stock transfer

Total: $3,999.99

Project Total: $4,999.98

Business Partners

Brining a new partner into your business is like getting married. You will not only spend a lot of time with this person, but you will have a legal relationship. So, its important to make sure this person is a good fit for your business and that you have an exit strategy in case this relationship doesn't work out as planned.

Anchor 19

Partnership Preparation

Make sure you have everything ready to successfully bring a new partner into your business. Includes:

  • Copies of company registration documents and other proof your company is in good legal standing

  • Copies of financial records, including any debts the company is carrying

  • Shareholder records, including a CAP Table and share certificates

  • Determination of how much equity to offer the partner and on what terms

  • Determination of what your expectations & needs are from your new partner

Total: $999.99

Prepare Partnership Documents

Includes preparation of:

  • Board Approval Resolutions

  • Partnership Agreement - includes a description of the partner's compensation, their job duties and any debts or liabilities they may be responsible for helping pay back

  • Share Certificates

  • Buy/Sell Agreement - permits the buy back of the partner's shares in case the parter wants to leave your company or doesn't fulfill their duties

Total: $1,499.99

Project Total: $2,499.98

Ways To Work With Me

I work with clients on a fixed-price, hourly or monthly subscription basis. See below for more details.

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Fixed-Price Projects

For most projects, I can quote you a fixed-price with large projects broken down into milestones. When working on a fixed-price basis, I require the entire balance of projects or milestones of $100 or less to be paid in full before any work begins on the applicable milestone. For larger projects or milestones, I require half to be paid upfront and the remaining half upon completion.

*Note that I do offer financing for projects over $99 via PayPal.

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Hourly Projects

My current Standard Hourly Rate is $75 USD per hour and my current Rush Rate is $110 per hour. The

Rush Rate applies for work needed within 24 hours or during holidays. My hourly rate is adjusted periodically, usually at the beginning of the calendar year, and any modification of such rate will be applicable to legal services preformed after the new rate becomes effective. I give all clients at least ninety (90) days notice of any rate adjustments.

For hourly engagements, I will send you invoices on the 1st and 15th day of each calendar month via PayPal. Your invoices will include an accounting of tasks performed, hours worked and any expenses incurred on your behalf. 

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On-Going General Counsel Services

For clients who need my help on an on-going basis and don't want to worry about negotiating the price of each project or how many hours something may take, I offer on-going general counsel services based on subscription billing.


We will negotiate a monthly subscription rate at the beginning of our engagement based on your individual needs, which will automatically be charged to your preferred payment method on the 1st of each calendar month. Your monthly rate may be re-negotiated at any time if your needs increase or decrease.

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Request for Quote

If you would like me to put together a customized quote for your business, please click here to fill out a Request for Quote Form.

Otherwise, if you have any questions or would like to discuss how I can help your business first, please send me an email at Thank you!

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