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Running a business can be complicated, especially now when things are changing every day.

I advocate for individuals – entrepreneurs, business owners and company founders. I work to protect your hard work and to help keep you out of a courtroom.

Being a business owner is stressful enough. Get the support you need.

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Legal Solutions

Working from Home

Whether you're an army-of-one or a workforce of many, get the right legal structure for your business in place

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Ensure you have everything your investor or partner will expect to see and get help actually securing that investment or new relationship



Develop and implement a custom plan for valuing, generating revenue from and protecting your business's intellectual property (i.e. your software, app, branding, client lists, etc.)

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From annual reports to hiring new employees & contractors, working with clients and taking on new business partners, get the help you need to make sure your business runs smoothly

Working from Home



Margaret Moon, esq.

I was raised by a single mom who is herself a serial entrepreneur and the ultimate army-of-one. She single handedly raised three kids while going back to school for computer programming, starting her own business and running it from her bedroom home office. 


She’s where I got my inspiration to focus on protecting and supporting other entrepreneurs, small businesses and early stage companies. 


I know what it’s like to run your own business, all the ups and downs, the late nights and weekends, struggling to make ends meet and maintain a work-life balance. Add on the sometimes overwhelming worry that something (or someone) might happen that ruins all your hard work. I know because I grew up watching my mom do it and I’ve done it every day myself for the last eight years. 


Fill out the contact form below to connect and discuss your business's needs or click here to book a consultation.

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Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Margaret is a highly skilled professional. To find an honest attorney today with morals intact is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Look no further, Margaret is one of those needles. We will use her services again!

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An attorney-client relationship must be established by a written agreement. Visiting this website, emailing, and calling will not create an attorney-client relationship. There will be no attorney-client relationship until we have agreed to a signed, written engagement letter. Please don't provide confidential information in your initial message or email.

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